Freedom From Chronic Pain: Practitioner LIVE Training MARCH 2024

Practical Neuroplasticity and the Emerging Mind Body Revolution in Chronic Pain Treatment



March - April 2024, we're offering our LIVE professional development training in the burgeoning field of evidence-based mind-body therapy for chronic pain.

We are excited to offer this as a dynamic online training of 3 hours per week, over 9 weeks. In our LIVE training, we offer the first week as 3 hours of prerecording learning to be ready for the first LIVE session on USA March 11th / AUS March 12th. The remaining 8 weeks will consist of 2 hours of a live session and 1 prerecorded each week. There will also be additional "optional" content provided to enhance the learning experience.

Inspired by the remarkable clinical achievements of Dr. John Sarno MD, and further evolved into a potent neuroplasticity and psychotherapy treatment approach, this biopsychosocial innovation in treatment has helped thousands to become pain-free or substantially recovered from diverse chronic pain conditions.

A number of recent studies (references) have demonstrated the efficacy of this approach which has been developed by Schubiner and Greenham, along with a variety of colleagues over the last two decades. It is a mind-body treatment that includes elements of Dr. Sarno's approach, Pain Neuroscience education, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and Emotional Awareness and Expression therapy. Data gained thus far has shown a superior effect size to existing gold standard psychological treatments and in clinical practice, this approach is frequently able to resolve not just manage pain presentations.

Participants will be guided through:

  • Cutting-edge pain neuroscience
  • Evidence-based diagnosis of neural pathway pain syndromes and exclusion of structural causes
  • Practical treatment techniques drawn from Howard and Hal’s combined 25 years experience in mind-body treatment

Join us in learning these revolutionary techniques.

Please note in previous training teaching has been shared equally between Howard and Hal, due to existing commitments Howard may be doing more of the live teaching in this program, but Hal will be available in the forum to answer any questions about the psychotherapy / emotion-focused aspects of the training.

Training program syllabus:

  1. From pain management to recovery: the neuroscience of the mindbody revolution in chronic pain treatment
  2. Fundamentals of diagnosis and patient education
  3. Pain reprocessing therapy 1 – Graded exposure and desensitization
  4. Pain reprocessing therapy 2 – Mindfulness and somatic tracking
  5. Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET)
  6. Going deeper – understanding and working with somatic symptoms of psychological origin
  7. Practical tools to resolve inner conflict – Critical parents and inner children
  8. Meeting and defusing protectors / defenses – an introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) insights into treating chronic pain

Please note the course will cover medical and psychotherapeutic content but is not sufficient nor intended as a replacement qualification for the practice of medicine or psychotherapy. That said the intention of the training is to develop a deeper capacity within one’s existing profession to recognize and intervene effectively in mind-body presentations of pain and fatigue. This approach is beneficial for a wide range of diagnoses and symptoms including:

  • Back pain, including most disc bulges and degenerative changes
  • Neck pain, including most disc bulges and degenerative changes
  • Other musculoskeletal pain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Migraine
  • IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Irritable Bladder Syndrome
  • RSI
  • Tennis Elbow
  • CRPS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Many eczema / skin conditions
  • Some arthritic conditions
  • Some endometriosis presentations
  • RSD
  • Some interstitial cystitis presentations
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Other medically unexplained chronic pain
  • Other medically unexplained chronic fatigue

Course formats:

Option 1. Live online videoconference sessions (using Zoom)

** Week one content is available for study as of:
Monday, March 4th for the US / Tuesday, March 5th for Australia and New Zealand

** LIVE classes commence:
Monday March 11th 7.30 pm Detroit US Eastern Time / 4.30 pm PST
Tuesday March 12th 10.30am Sydney AU Eastern Time / 12.30 pm Auckland time

**Please note: Live classes are always based on Detroit time. Daylight savings may affect changes to live session times in your location. Times change to 1 hour earlier for Aus and NZ for classes from April 8th, 2024**

If the times of the LIVE training does not suit, you always have the choice of option 2.

Option 2. Recorded / On Demand Online Training **ENROLMENTS ALWAYS OPEN

** 3 hours of recorded video and other relevant educational content available to
work through at your own pace over the 12 months of access.

Both courses entitle you to 12 months of access to all course materials and 12 weeks of access to read and post in the clinical discussion forum attended by our senior clinical team. Ongoing access to the forum is available through our professional development program. **(conditions and fees apply see below)

Course Fees:

Option 1 Live Training

LIVE Course Fees: (Click here to enroll now)

  • $997 USD (or $1097 USD with CEUs)
  • $349 USD/month x 3 month payment plan (or $382 USD with CEUs)

*For those in Europe: the VAT will automatically be added to the program fee towards the end of checkout

(Those in the USA who intend on claiming CEUs must complete the training by May 27th, 2024)

Option 2 Recorded / On Demand Online Training **ENROLMENTS REMAIN OPEN Click here to enroll

  • $797 USD or $897 USD with CEUs (To claim CEUs, please complete your training within 12 months of your enrolment date)
  • $282 USD/month (3-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN) or $315 USD with CEUs (To claim CEUs, please complete your training within 12 months of your enrolment date)

*For those in Europe: the VAT will automatically be added to the program fee towards the end of checkout

Please note spaces are limited and the LIVE program sold out last time so please book promptly to avoid disappointment.

Certificate of attendance and continuing education / professional development credits

  • Certificate of attendance provided
  • US APA 16 CE Credits available for US psychologists
  • 16 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits available to physicians
  • 16 CE's available for US Social Workers as an ASWB ACE program
  • Australian psychologists can claim CPD points under the APS self-assessment of CPD scheme
  • Australian social workers can claim CPD points under the new AASW self-assessment of CPD scheme

CEUs are available for both the live and on-demand, recorded versions of the training . Those in the USA who intend on claiming CEUs must complete the live training within 14 weeks of the training opening date and those in the on-demand, recorded version have 12 months to complete their training program with 12 weeks access to the practitioner forum.

Please email us if you would like to know more.

Please be aware that one enrolment entitles one person only, to work through this program under that enrolment. The training information in this program cannot be shared with others, such as work colleagues, for training purposes. This includes live session screen sharing. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount for multiple licenses for the training. Please contact Lisa at [email protected] to receive a discount code for yourself and each team/staff member wishing to enroll in this program.

(**Ongoing access to the clinical discussion forum attended by our senior clinical team is available through our professional development program at a cost of USD$120 per quarter / $45 per month. This fee can be waived in certain circumstances such as when one of your clients enrolls in the Freedom From Chronic Pain online treatment program using your unique enrolment link)

Your Instructors

Hal Greenham
Somatic Psychotherapist BSc (Psych), BA, Radix BCP

Hal Greenham is the co-founder and Clinical Director of Freedom From Chronic Pain. After recovering from chronic pain with a mindbody intervention he retrained, studyng psychology and a number of schools of psychotherapy and now specialises in helping other people to do the same.

He has 10 years of clinical experience in the treatment of chronic pain and fatigue syndromes and employs a combination of neuroplasticity and psychotherapy techniques in his work to help people achieve optimal results.

Hal Greenham has also been an invited speaker to the AIMA Conference and the Metagenics International Congress on Natural Medicine. Along with Prof. Schubiner he also delivered a live series of webinars for the Shift Network (USA) on the Freedom From Chronic Pain program.

Prof. Howard Schubiner

Dr Howard Schubiner is the Cofounder, Clinical Director and Medical Advisor of Freedom From Chronic Pain.

He is board-certified in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and internal medicine in the USA. He was a Professor at Wayne State University for 18 years and now works at Cormendi Health. He is currently a Clinical Professor in the department of Internal Medicine at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

He is a fellow in the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Society for Adolescent Medicine. He has authored over 100 publications in scientific journals and books. He has given over 500 lectures to scientific audiences regionally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Schubiner has consulted for the American Medical Association, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Mental Health.

Dr. Schubiner is a leader in the field of mind-body medicine and has published ground-breaking research showing that novel mind-body therapies are effective for chronic painful conditions, such as fibromyalgia, whiplash, back and neck pain, myofascial pain, TMJ syndrome, tension and migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bladder syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, and other related conditions. He was included on several lists of the Best Doctors in America. Dr. Schubiner lives in the Detroit area with his wife of 40 years and has 2 adult children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for 12 months - across any and all devices you own.
How long do I have to complete the course to claim CEs or CPDs?
To claim CE credits or CPD points you will need to complete the LIVE program within 14 weeks of the course opening and the on-demand, recorded version within 12 months of enrollment.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes please see our refund policy on the website.
Do I get a certificate with this course?
Yes you will get a certificate of completion.
Can I change from the Live to the Recorded or vice versa of the program?
Yes you can. Please see our refund policy on the website first and then contact us with your request.

What previous course participants have said about Freedom From Chronic Pain's online treatment program delivered in collaboration with the Shift Network USA (n.b. this was for clients with symptoms, not a practitioner training course, we hope if offers a sense of the online experience with Howard and Hal)

“This is a wonderful course. It has been very transformative for me. The course title is very accurate. It does provide a path to freedom from chronic pain. And more deeply, to freedom from the fear of chronic pain. Learning that the source of most of our chronic pain is in our brain and is something that we can work with is very liberating and empowering. And understanding that we aren’t broken and destined to a life of forever pain and limitation is a real game changer. Howard and Hal provide an important and very understandable overview of this material and also many practical and very helpful exercises and meditations that can take one’s physical and emotional healing to a whole new level. Howard and Hal are wonderful teachers and very compassionate and caring people. I found this course to be very helpful, meaningful, and enjoyable. I highly recommend it.” -- Nancy from Asheville, NC

“Even though I was somewhat familiar with the material, the Freedom from Chronic Pain course was extremely helpful in bringing me back to the core of the emotional issues leading to chronic pain. Learning about the mind/body connection and the way the mind is attempting to protect itself is essential in order to break the "habit" of the chronic pain cycle. During the class there were times when I actually "forgot" about my pain for the first time in many months. I'm grateful for Howard and Hal and the Shift Network staff.”

--Leslee from Tucson, AZ, USA

“I so appreciated the knowledge and depth and depth of experience provided by our two course instructors/leaders. They imparted the information in an easy to understand flow; and they were willing and able to deal with all questions. I felt understood with the pain that I have experienced intensely for 7 years. I feel that I now have other means of dealing with the pain that I now understand has its origins in other than just body parts.

So I understand that how I feel within can be manifested in the pain that I experience in my body. Thank you for offering such an enlightening course.” --Diane, Las Vegas, NV

“We are reminded that help arrives in many forms, and this online course is proof of that idea. Although working with good doctors and therapists in person is essential, it is rare these days so I was really pleased to find how easy and comfortable it was to work with the “virtual doctors “ who were both enlightened, knowledgeable, open and funny. For the first time in a long time, I felt I actually had someone from the medical world who got me and was genuinely interested in helping me (and others on the course).”

“It was thrilling to have an MD actually respond to email and other questions, and to CREATING THIS COURSE! Having a doctor and therapist work together added to its legitimacy.” --Susan Klein from Rockville, MD

“This course was offered just at the right time for me. I was feeling stuck in MBS and felt totally alone in my journey. The course and its faculty were great, answering questions, giving insight, and helping me feel connected to others with this problem. I would highly recommend this to others who are suffering from chronic pain. I hated to see the course end!” --Linda, Pontiac, Illinois, USA"

This course is closed for enrollment.